Throwback Thursday!

Well it’s here the day before that Friday feeling, Thursday.

What better way to get through it than looking back at some work… It’s a great idea to reflect when we live in this busy modern world.

So here’s my Throwback Thursday post, my project from 2016… Yes I know 3 years ago!

However the work is still important today as it was 3 years ago.

Energy, Creation & Transmission.

The project looked at the Power Stations in the Trent valley area, the effects on the environment and the huge structural impact our energy consumption has on the landscape.

The 7 images below were printed in a resin ink onto an off white wallpaper, then fixed to galvanised steel sheets for display in the exhibition.

Glen Coe.

After a much needed summer holiday in beautiful Scotland I am back at work with two weddings coming next week, both in the East, on familiar ground.

But first here's a photographers (and mountain bikers) paradise:

Glen Coe -

The view down Glen Coe towards the north.

The view down Glen Coe towards the north.

And finally I had to visit the famous '007 - Skyfall' spot - 

Glen Etive. Looking across to the west.

Glen Etive. Looking across to the west.

Spring + Summer: Pims Anyone?

Good morning to all, 

Welcome to April and spring. A little late however, it's been a very busy winter over here, preparing for the summer season. I hope you are all very excited for you dates this year. I am myself getting into the detailed planning for my wedding this year too.

It can seem like an impossible task but remember a summer wedding means good* British weather, great company and lots of Pims;

Sounds good doesn't it, so remember if your still looking for a late booking or even for Summer 2018, let me know and we can have a chat, plan the best wedding photogrphy for your special day!


Enjoy the weekend,

Dan + the team.


New Marketing Material

Good Morning Folks,

We've managed to hit march already, who knew the ear would move on so fast!

As always we're working with new clients and planning big things, this week coming up we'll be receiving the new business cards to send out to 6 very fantastic venue's based in my local area of Cheshire & North Wales, which i'll be writing a blog post about next time.

The days are getting longer now and weather improving greatly making it a fantastic time of year to start photographing spring engagements, you can drop me an email if you've got hitched over valentines and we can discuss your plans.

This Autumn we'll be headed down south for a wonderful booking at Lillibrooke Manor, an amazing grade 2 listed venue comprising of multiple barns and a manor house dating back to 1490, feel free to have a sneaky look here:

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Enjoy your weekend!


Valentines Weekend!

Hi folks,

So its that time of the year again, an opportunity to get together with your special someone, as it is Valentines weekend I will be doing a flash special on Engagements/Couple shoots:

- Book over Valentines week 10th-17th February, and receive 20% off an Engagement or Couples shoot!

- Order a Cotton wrapped usb & print box and receive 15% off!

Book online today or drop me an email:

Have a great week together and remember memories are cherished for a lifetime!

As always have a fabulous weekend together!


The couples story of Sara & Kevin, on their Wedding day.

Sara's Wedding was a fabulous day, the weather was warm, the people came in their masses, but the most important part of the day was the interaction between Sara & Kevin as a couple. It was a magical experience with the two of them together and a challenge at times to get the perfect shot. I followed them as another photographer on the day, to concentrate on their moments whilst formals etc were taken. 
Their Journey began whilst getting ready in the morning individually, I followed Sara as she got ready, her hair, makeup and getting the dress. Whilst Sara got ready I decided to grab a shot with my flash through her hair preparations, once the hair spray was used the light could pass through the aurora of spray creating a beautiful halo. I shot most of the day with my Canon 80D and trusty Sigma 35 1.4, most of the shots were taken at F/1.4 so remove any distraction and focus the image on the two of them. Throughout the day I grabbed these shots without the crowds, without people, as I wanted to really hone in on their new relationship as man and wife, and we did heave fun as me and my colleague James, from Flawless Photography, discussed ideas on where to take these couple shots, with the ending segment being taken in a local field. We walked through the venue and kept going, chasing the setting sun and a perfect location to place the couple in the foreground. It was a great laugh as Sara had put her flip-flops on for comfort yet we then took her into a muddy field, however it was definitely worth it. We got the great shot of their interaction at the end of their day and the start of their new lives together as Man and Wife. 
Relationships are so important to capture as a photographer, it is so so imperative that we follow the story of a couple in their moment or day, that we do not interfere as photographers and break up moments, we shoot in split seconds, the challenge is to capture the best memory yet be un-intrusive and professional. Photography is a joy, a passion but also the most important professionalism.

Images from the story appear below.

Thanks for reading folks,
You can check out my work on my weddings and the live music I shoot, again thank you for taking an interest in myself and the images I produce while doing the best job on the planet!


Thanks for getting this far folks,

You can check out my work on my weddings and the live music I shoot, again thank you for taking an interest in myself and the images I produce while doing the best job on the planet!


Competition is hot!

The fish bowl competition is nearly full, read for the full update and what's coming! 

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Image upload and shorter nights.

With the New Year kicking off to a cold start we all start waiting for the longer days and better weather, however now is a brilliant time to capture dramatic low sunsets with your special partner, likewise lots of surplus fairy lights work great too!

Here's a good use of them:


Have a fabulous Monday.